WelCome to Wuxi Gongyuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.




There are special workers

20 years of craftsmanship

To create a better air floatation product


With a complete process laboratory, all kinds of experimental technology equipment and talents, many technologies developed by our company have obtained national patents.


No relevant laboratories, equipment and talents have no relevant technical qualifications and national patent certification

Gongyuan Machine

Good product Personalized design and application


Company brand


20 years of industry experience, constantly creating value for customers, but also achieving the self-worth of the source team

Provide a better water treatment air float solution

Successfully served a large number of well-known domestic and foreign companies


Technical team

Adhere to innovation and development

The company has several air float technicians and water treatment technology consultants

Gongyuan also has a complete process laboratory, all kinds of experimental technology equipment and talents

Can provide technical support services for customers. Many technologies developed by our company have obtained national patents



The product quality is stable and reliable

Water treatment equipment related services have been provided to thousands of customers

Products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and other regions

It has won unanimous praise from engineering contractors, scientific research and design units and users


Advantage service

Standardized service system

We are not only equipment suppliers but service providers

We are not only equipment suppliers but service providers

Perfect service guarantee system, solve your worries

Product center

Global Air Float Products Supplier

Combined air float

Strict selection of material and exquisite workmanship

In the water treatment process, solid-liquid separation and its equipment are one of the key projects. Dissolved air flotation is one of the most effective methods whose specific gravity is close to 1.0 from water.  

Customer case

Provide industry application total solution

Henan Zhonghe beef cattle breeding Co., Ltd.GF-15T

The company has developed various types of air floatation equipment, such as combined air floatation, vortex fovea (air entraining) floatation, multiphase flow pressing and floatation, high efficiency shallow air floatation, small experimental air floatation equipment and so on. It has excellent performance, beautiful appearance and easy operation and maintenance. It is widely used in water supply and drainage treatment engineering.

Provide cost-effective technical equipment and services

Provide industry application total solution

  • Mr. Sun Lianjun, general manager
    The five session of the four member congress of Wuxi Environmental Protection Industry Association closed successfully. Wuxi Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. was named "excellent enterprise of environmental protection industry in Wuxi in 2017", and sun Lian Jun, the general manager of the company, was once again named "excellent entrepreneur" in the 2017 year of Wuxi environmental protection industry.2018-07-24 16:00

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